Buy/sell SEO backlinks with web3 escrow

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If you are struggling to rank your website for a specific keyword in Google search, chances are you have heard about search engine optimization (SEO). Without diving into the specifics of SEO, people often do internal (on-site) and external (off-site) work to better optimize their websites for search engine rankings. Building the backlinks from the authority sites to your site is a common practice.

Why use escrow for SEO services?

Most backlinks providers sell their services in a set of packages that include a diverse mix of backlinks from niche blogs, news sites, social media, etc. Because the price of such packages varies from hundreds to thousands of dollars, using an escrow contract is a smart move.

The escrow contract serves as a warrant for both sides by keeping the terms and the payment until the seller completes the order. Once complete according to the purchase terms, the seller is guaranteed to be paid.

But how to use such an escrow contract? Below is the step-by-step guide to walk you through.

Zenland escrow contracts walkthrough [screenshots]

Step 1. Sign in with Metamask wallet and create the contract with the seller

Before you create the contract you ask the seller to send his/her Metamask wallet address.

To use Zenland login with Metamask

Then, fill out a simple one-page form entering important details of backlinks purchase. Such details include two Metamask addresses, the due date when the seller must confirm order completion, inspection time, agreed payment and backlinks quality description.

Fill out the simple escrow form to create a contract

Step 2. The seller logs in and approves the escrow contract

Seller logs in with Metamask and approves contract terms

Whenever questions arise both sides can communicate via a private chat linked with the particular contract.

Step 3. Send the contract to the blockchain and lock the payment inside

First, you send the contract to the selected blockchain. This is contract deployment which gives the contract a permanent address in the database of that blockchain. 

Escrow contract is deployed to a blockchain

Then, send the agreed payment inside the contract to lock until the seller fulfills the order.

The payment is sent to the contract to keep

Step 4. The seller builds the backlinks and confirms order completion

At this point, the seller has completed building the backlinks and sent an order completion message to you.

Seller fulfills the terms and confirms order completion

You let the seller know the report is received via the Contract Chat.

If disagreements arise, both parties can chat in the contract

Step 5. Inspect the service and release payment to the seller

You check if the backlinks report is as agreed in the terms, and release payment from the contract to the seller’s wallet address. 

After inspection, the buyer releases the payment to seller

Step 6. Both parties rate each other

Buyer and seller reviews each other

Unlike the traditional review system which only allows reviews from buyers, Zenland escrow lets both parties rate each other. This serves as a foundation for other users to see whether they want to do business with a specific seller or buyer.

Want to see for yourself?

Currently, we are giving $1 to new users. Once logged in you should see a $1 balance on your dashboard to fully cover the service fee for contracts worth $50 or less. All users (buyers & sellers) are welcome to try escrow smart contracts.

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