How to find a token contract address?

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There are several ways to find the contract address of the right token. Such token contract is similar to your escrow contract which holds token funds. Only this is the major contract for all units of a particular token where every transaction of it gets recorded.

The first way to find a token contract address is through an explorer:

  1. Go to the relevant blockchain explorer (Etherscan for ERC-20 tokens, or BSC-scan for BEP-20).
  2. Enter the token name into the search to see a list of tokens with similar names. Usually, the first one is the one you need. 
  3. Click on the contract address at the top to copy it to your clipboard.
  4. Paste into Metamask “Token address field”.

The second way to find a token contract address is through a listing site:

  1. Go to CoinMarketCap, Coingeeko, or another coin listing website.
  2. Enter the token name into the search bar (for example, DAI)
  3. Copy the contract address from the “Info” section on your right.
  4. Paste into Metamask “Token address field”. 
Quick Tip When copying the token address make sure it is the right network (the escrow contract network matches the token network). USDT, for example, is supported by Ethereum, Binance, and other networks and has different token addresses in each network. 

No worries if you have imported the token but still see no tokens in Metamask. Just double-check the token address and try to import another token with the same name. For example, for test contracts on Rinkeby we use USDT with the token address 0xd9ba894e0097f8cc2bbc9d24d308b98e36dc6d02, while there are other USDT with different addresses.

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