What evidence must be provided to the Agent for dispute resolution?

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In the Zenland dispute resolution process, clear and compelling evidence provided by both sides is important to make a fair and effective resolution. When a dispute is escalated, both the buyer and seller are expected to present evidence to support their claims and provide insights into the nature of the disagreement. 

This evidence may include screenshots of communication, transaction records, and any relevant details about the agreed-upon terms in the contract chat.

As the primary resource for communication and evidence submission the contract chat, where buyers and sellers engage in discussions and share information related to the transaction. This chat serves as a chronological record of all interactions, ensuring transparency in the dispute resolution process.

Furthermore, to support their claims, users can provide links to external websites, posts, or any additional online resources within the chat. These links, when submitted as factual evidence with relevant explanations, will be considered by the assigned Agent during the resolution process. This allows for a more comprehensive understanding of the dispute, as users can reference external sources that substantiate their arguments.

By facilitating communication within the contract chat and allowing the submission of links as supporting evidence, Zenland enhances the depth and accuracy of the information available to Agents. This comprehensive approach enables Agents to make well-informed and fair judgments, considering all relevant details and evidence presented by both parties involved in the dispute.

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