Where do users leave a review or provide feedback about the Agent?

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Users can leave reviews or provide feedback about the Agent directly under the closed escrow contract on Zenland. This ensures that the feedback is specific to the transaction that occurred, and the Agent handling the dispute. Whether a user is a buyer or a seller, they have the opportunity to share their experience and rate the Agent’s effectiveness, professionalism, and fairness.

These reviews, along with reputation data, become a part of the Agent’s profile page offering transparency and accountability within the Zenland community. This feature allows participants in the platform to make informed decisions based on the experiences of others, contributing to a trustworthy and reliable environment for online transactions.

In cases where users encounter incompetent or biased Agents, Zenland encourages them to report such instances to the community. Reports can be submitted through channels like Telegram or other official social media channels of Zenland.

The reported Agent will be evaluated, and if their conduct is confirmed to be unfit, strict measures, such as suspension, will be taken. This reporting mechanism reinforces Zenland’s commitment to maintaining a fair and secure dispute resolution process.

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