What is Zenland Fee (ZENF) token?

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Zenland Fee (ZENF) token is a native utility token of the Zenland platform. It is an ERC-20 token minted on the Ethereum Mainnet. Alongside major cryptocurrencies, it is used to pay the service fee for each escrow contract deployment to the selected blockchain network. Its incentivized use allows ZENF users to get a 50% bonus to their internal balances on every top-up. 

Example:  The user has made a top-up equivalent of $100 to his/her Zenland wallet with ZENF tokens. A 50% bonus, or equivalent to $50 in this case, will be added to make the final balance of the Zenland wallet equal to $150. 

Zenland platform users are automatically eligible for our Early Adopters program which rewards with ZENF tokens. These tokens are also used for bounty and similar programs as well as priority access to governance token generation events (once issued) to reward its community and early investors. 

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