When can I dispute and when cannot?

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As a buyer you can dispute if:

  1. No product or service has been received before the due date.
  2. The due date has passed with no response from the seller.
  3. You received a damaged or not functional product that is different from the product described in the contract details that both buyer and seller agreed upon.
  4. The service received is very different from the service contracted, and does not meet the conditions agreed in the contract.
  5. You and the seller agreed on new edits/product replacement within an hour/day/week after the due date but failed to deliver. 
  6. The contract is not executed and contains the seller’s payment inside.

As a seller, you can dispute (by inviting an Agent) if:

  1. The due date has passed and the buyer agreed to wait for X number of hours/days/weeks but opened a dispute.
  2. The product has been sent before the due date has passed and the buyer received it but is not willing to accept it and has opened a dispute.
  3. You have provided the service on time and as agreed, but the buyer has not released the payment. Instead, the buyer has opened a dispute.

From all the above, neither party can dispute if the contract has been executed and no longer contains the agreed amount inside. This happens when:

  1. The dispute has been resolved by the Agent and the payment has been made to either side or split between them (including the Agent’s fee).
  2. The buyer closed the dispute without escalation and released the payment to the seller’s address.
  3. Buyer protection time has ended, and the seller released the payment before the buyer opened a dispute.
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