Who is a Custom Agent on Zenland?

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Custom Agents may have diverse backgrounds, ranging from experience in Zenland escrow transactions to expertise in specific industries. They play an important role in enhancing the adaptability of Zenland’s dispute resolution mechanism, providing users with the flexibility to invite experts who can bring a nuanced understanding to their unique cases.

Aspiring Agents can start the process by applying through Zenland’s outlined steps, where the Zenland community evaluates their track record, reasoning skills, and online presence. Buyers and sellers may get to know these individuals on forums, or online platforms and ask to arbitrate their escrow cases if the need arises. Once approved, these Agents become available for assignment to cases where their specific expertise and reputation are valued.

This role suits those who appreciate fair and transparent dispute resolution, providing a secure environment for direct peer-to-peer transactions on Zenland. It’s about being a trusted problem-solver in the world of online trade.

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