What happens if the Agent is not specified and the contract is disputed?

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In scenarios where the Agent is not specified during the creation of an escrow contract on Zenland, and a dispute arises between the contracting parties, the system assigns the Agents at random. This means that if the contract is escalated for arbitration, the Agent assigned from the pool of approved and eligible arbitrators will assist in resolving the dispute.

This random assignment is a key feature of Zenland’s commitment to impartial and fair dispute resolution. It ensures that neither party has control over the selection process, minimizing the potential for bias and maintaining a level playing field for both the buyer and seller. The assigned Agent will then carefully review the evidence presented, communicate with the involved parties, and reach a verdict based on the specifics of the case at hand. 

It’s worth noting that this randomized assignment process is designed to provide an objective and neutral perspective, allowing for a transparent and just resolution. Users can trust that, even without specifying a particular Agent, Zenland will ensure unbiased third-party assistance in resolving the dispute fairly and efficiently.

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