Can I choose a specific Agent I trust for dispute resolution?

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Yes, on Zenland, users have the option to choose a specific Agent they trust for dispute resolution when creating an escrow contract. This feature allows users to have more control over the resolution process by selecting an Agent who they believe possesses the expertise and integrity needed for their specific case.

When initiating the escrow contract creation process, users can provide the cryptocurrency wallet address of a specific Agent they wish to assign to the case. That said, the Agent users wish to assign in case of dispute must first apply and be approved as Zenland Agent. 

Learn more about the process of becoming an Agent and arbitrating escrow disputes from the Zenland Documentation.

If the provided address corresponds to a Zenland-approved Agent, that particular Agent will be assigned to the case for dispute resolution. This empowers users to bring in individuals they trust, whether it is based on previous positive experiences or recommendations within the community.

However, if users do not have a specific Agent in mind or choose not to specify one, the system will randomly assign an Agent to the case in the event of a dispute.

This ensures that even if users don’t have a preferred Agent, the resolution process remains impartial and fair, with a neutral party stepping in to facilitate the resolution.

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