Cannot change contract details and due date. Why?

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There are several possible scenarios why you cannot change contract details or the due date.

  1. You have created the contract. Clicking the “Create” button is equal to approving the terms on your part. It is like putting your signature in traditional contracts. Note that both the buyer and the seller can create a new contract.
  2. You have already approved the contract terms. 
  3. You are halfway through the contract. At the “Transfer” or the “Fulfillment” stage, for example.
  4. You want to edit the network or token selected.
  5. You want to edit other terms like the contract name, details, creation date, or buyer/seller’s address. 

Depending on where you are at with the contract you may, or may not be able to edit contract details.

If the contract is yet to be approved by one of the parties:

1. Contact the other user via a Contract Chat and ask to edit either of the four editable terms:

a) buyer protection time,
b) due date,
c) the Zenland fee payer,
d) agreed amount.

2. If that’s you who should approve but wants to make edits before clicking the “Approve” button, you should be able to see the pen icon in the top right corner of the contract. Once you hit “Save” it becomes approved on your part.

Create a new contract with the mutually approved terms if the contract:

a) has passed the Approval stage, or
b) changes have to be made to uneditable terms like network, token, or user addresses.

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