How much is the Agent’s commission for dispute resolution, and how it is paid?

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Zenland Agents earn a commission ranging from 1% to 3% of the total escrow amount involved in the disputed contract. This commission is determined by the Agents themselves, based on their evaluation of the time and effort invested in resolving the case, using the self-assessment matrix provided in the Agent’s Handbook. For instance, if the escrowed funds amount to 500 USDT, an arbitrator may charge between 5 and 15 USDT, depending on the complexity of the case.

As for the payment process, once the dispute is settled, the commission is deducted from the escrowed funds, and the remaining amount is transferred to one of the parties involved—either the buyer or the seller. If both parties provide evidence supporting their claims, and the Agent finds both to be valid, the escrowed amount is split between the two parties, after deducting the arbitration commission. 

This commission, however, is not subject to a minimum payout threshold or a waiting period. It is transferred directly into the Agent’s cryptocurrency wallet associated with Zenland.

This straightforward and transparent payment process ensures that Agents receive fair compensation for their efforts in contributing to a just and secure online trading environment.

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