How to add ZENF token to my internal wallet?

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Once the IDO starts, ZENF tokens will be used to pay the service fee. For this, just like other ERC-20 tokens, a certain number of ZENF tokens must be in the Metamask wallet address connected to the Zenland app

ZENF balance top-up works similarly to top-ups with Bitcoin or other altcoins.
The steps below describe the process.

Step 1. Login with your Metamask address. 

Step 2. From the Top Panel, click on the user icon and select My Wallet.

Step 3. Enter the Amount you want to add to your balance and click the button.

Step 4. Choose the cryptocurrency and generate your transaction hash.

Step 5. Enter the address to your cryptocurrency wallet (Metamask, Coinbase, etc.)

Step 6. Confirm the transfer and check in later to see the balance added.

If you are new to Zenland we suggest you take a sneak peek into the application interface or watch a 2-minute walkthrough before the top-up process.

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