Who can use Zenland Marketplace?

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Anyone and everyone who has a Web3 wallet address and is willing to try the new marketplace. 

That said, knowing what smart contracts are and how they are stored on the blockchain may help in understanding the escrow on the blockchain process.

Our web3 marketplace is built with web3 principles of verifiable trust and transparency. Any sales or purchases go through the escrow contracts stored on the blockchain. This records the transaction of any value at every step so that both sides can see and easily verify the process. 

Once each part of the smart contract is fulfilled, the contract is executed and the funds are released directly to the seller’s web3 wallet address. No payout thresholds or withdrawal fees. On the buyer’s side, Zenland marketplace allows secure transactions without trusted third parties by simply locking funds in the blockchain (inside a smart contract) until the seller delivers the promised items.

Both parties can activate and manage an escrow smart contract from anywhere in the world with just an internet connection and no coding skills.

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