What time is given to Agents to review and resolve the case?

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Agents on Zenland do not operate under strict time constraints for reviewing and resolving cases. 

Instead, they are encouraged to dedicate the time necessary to thoroughly understand the intricacies of each case and provide fair, thoughtful resolutions. The emphasis is on quality rather than speed, ensuring that Agents can invest the required effort and expertise to deliver well-considered decisions.

This lack of a specific time limit allows Agents the flexibility to delve into the details of the dispute, engage with the involved parties, and gather the information needed for a comprehensive resolution. By removing the pressure of a deadline, Zenland promotes a dispute resolution process that prioritizes thoroughness, fairness, and the best interests of the users involved.

That said, to ensure that each case receives the Agent’s attention sufficient for making a reasonable conclusion, time is one of the self-assessment criteria for Agents when determining their commissions. 

 You can see the self-assessment matrix along with its explanation in Zenland Documentation.

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