How Custom Agents are requested and assigned to dispute escalation cases?

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To request a Custom Agent for a dispute escalation case on Zenland, users can follow a straightforward process.

When filling out the escrow contract form for a deal, if a user knows or wishes to invite a specific person as a neutral arbitrator (Custom Agent), they simply need to provide the Agent’s cryptocurrency wallet address in the designated field.

If the given address corresponds to an approved Zenland Agent, that individual will be assigned to the case.

Alternatively, if a user does not have a specific Custom Agent in mind or chooses not to make a special request, they can proceed with creating the escrow contract without any specific agent information.

In such cases, if the contract is later escalated for arbitration, Zenland will randomly assign an Agent to the dispute. This ensures that even without a specific request, users still benefit from a neutral third party to facilitate a fair and unbiased resolution of their dispute.
To know what the dispute process looks like on Zenland explore the Escrow disputes section

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